New Direction For Battle Backgrounds

In this update, we show off our new direction for battle backgrounds, as well as some enemy animations.

For those of you who played our previous demo, you may have noticed that we had used sprited backgrounds. With the help of our artist Ricky, we were able to upgrade them to a more painted look. It makes things more dynamic and the scale of it allows us to do different things with the battle system.

One of the more dynamic things that we plan to do with the battle system is using it to zoom in and out and pan depending on what is happening in the fight. Our new battle backgrounds are layered and built for animation so that is exciting for us. This is a new, but similar system to what we had used in our previous build on the older engine, but it is a battle system that is being built from the ground up. Action is as big a thing in and out of battle, but I would love to show it before I say too much about it and let the system speak for itself, as it is nearly complete.

With that, there are some minor updates and palette changes to some of the battlers and animations. We have redone Jagen’s colors and sprites so that it would match with the backgrounds much better. The wolves from the demo have also received a much needed update. We have also added some more creatures in the area to give it more diversity. Most of the enemies from Jagen’s intro would be more forest like creatures, while the next part would be consisting of more humanoid ones.
Jagen Stance

We hope to show off some of these features soon and let people know how hard we have been working on this. I say this a lot, but we would love to do more updates. If time permits I will definitely try.

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