OLD Introduction

Today we’ve started up a new site, one that we have more control over. So I want to first say welcome to the new website! 🙂 Next I want to show some new art by Ricky.


zone eyes

This handsome demon is Zone. He is a jeht and is pretty much the image of how most hasphalians see them. Zone is very quiet around hasphalians being driven to a life of running from those who hates him. He has adapted him self to the land and learned the ways of most creatures. Combining that with his natural strengths makes him a formidable ally.

Battle Theme

Here, we have a battle song update. This fast paced action track was composed by Michael Correa and is one of the main battle themes for the game. It will set the pace for most of the battles outside of the major bosses. It has a nice tempo and keeps the flow and mood of the fights that we want to achieve.

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