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Here is a nice little April fools gift…. Wait. Do people give gifts on April fools day? What? They just trick people?? How cruel. Well this is no trick, I assure you. We just want to show you something beautiful! (If you’ve been keeping up with us on twitter, this may be old news)

Ricky has been on a role lately with the character art for CT:DR! We just got a nice batch of characters back and we think they look awesome! We will be showing them off over the next couple of days. Here is the first one!

Whitney, the White Mage Ridder

Whitney goes first since she has the same name as me 😀

She’s not playable, but she is important! Hope you like her design as much as we do! 😀

If you played our old demo, you’ll notice that a she used to be a random enemy, but we’ve increased her role since then to something more important and she will now be a recurring character along with the other three ridders from the last demo.

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