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So I’ve been working on a crafting system. The way it will work is you throw a bunch of items into a mix and then BAM. Item made! Or… not. Once you discover the recipe/formula/whatever I decide to call them, you can easily create it over again. Fun stuff. A thing that I’m trying to add right now is creating bonus items!  Once you put in a recipe, you have the option of adding bonus items to create a brand new item. These items will add in new features to the base item. Say you have a Lohal Vial which on it’s own heals 500 or 50% of HP, that is the base item, but you can add in up to 2 additional items. You can get a Potent Lohal Vial of Fire. An item like that might heal more as well as give a boost in fire resistance. That is not something that you can find anywhere in the game because you INVENTED it! That is actually functioning perfectly fine, but the aesthetics are killing me. The item list is not displaying properly and item names are appearing in the wrong spot among other errors.

With this news, I wanted to introduce a character who will be your go to gal for this stuff:


Mioni is the most knowledgeable alchemist from Annox Desert. Her father is one of the most decorated soldiers in the Annox military, which gave her the opportunity to learn from some of the most skilled alchemists in the city. Mioni is considered sort of an oddball, she almost never leaves her home and strange things seem to happen there quite frequently. She always experiments with new recipes and she is never shy of testing something new on the first test subject she finds. Mioni will become very important in the game as she will be your central hub for discovering and creating new items and enhancements.

Alchemy plays a rather large role in Demon’s Revenge. It is the basis of the crafting system and a very important commodity in Hasphal. On Hasphal, it has always been considered an essential part of human culture. Studied and manufactured by those with the means and proper equipment to produce it, alchemy is perhaps the greatest form of medicine in all of Hasphal. Although healing is considered the most useful form of alchemy, it is also useful in combat mostly against demons. It can also be used to enhance a weapon’s effectiveness as well as powerful concoctions used to cripple enemies.

Another thing I’ve been working on is a total revamp of the enhancement system. As it is now, I don’t like it much, not much can be customized. Just some stat boosts. I want to add enhancements that give you status effects, can be cursed and sealed, give you skills for as long as it is slotted, increase exp rate, etc. I may also do a visual overhaul, but nothing too different from what it is now.

Lastly, we’ve been having some computer trouble… Actually it’s just me, but I’m the one who puts everything together, so my computer going down is a big problem. Fortunately it was fixed. It’s on its last limb, but it is working and we can be grateful for that!

Thanks for reading! We’ll see you in the next update.

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