Who Are The Ridders?

The Ridders

This is something I have been dying to talk about. Now that the demo is out, I feel like I can talk about it without spoiling too much. Who and what are the ridders? I am sure this is a question many are asking even after they have fully played through the demo. In short it is a one world military force. They preside over the entire planet of Hasphal and pretty much regulate crime and corruption around the world. They were originally created by the mysterious man known as Grandeur Maximillion to control what the humans call demons.

Ridders come from all over the world. Most of them volunteer to become ridders. These are usually young men and woman who look up to the ridders as being the protectors and saviors of the human race from demons. They usually come from the slums and use the ridder stature to honor their families.

There are some ridders who are hand picked from their particular part of the world. These humans usually posses gifts or talents that are particular to where they come from. These gifts could mean things as simple as natural strength or speed or the ability to channel the power of the sun into healing powers. They are usually held as the best of their kind and participate in tournaments to determine that right. These ridders are never drafted and usually accept joining as an honor. Most earn the rank of Elite Ridder and hold that position until they retire, when someone from their region can take their position.

Demo and Feedback
Hornet King - Nobody can seem to find this guy!Hornet King – Nobody can seem to find this guy!

For some reason this past week we have received a pretty good bit of feedback from our demo. The reviews have been very positive and it really gives us more confidence with moving on. There have been some minor bugs that we have mostly fixed and we are making the menu much easier to navigate by giving button prompts. We really love the support we are getting even though it took some time to get people to play the game but so far everything is going well.

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