Moving forward and doing things the right way.

First I want to say thank you all for your continued support. We would not be where we are now if it wasn’t for Kickstarter really giving us a reason to take things to the next level. It has given us the ability to really push to make our game a reality. We have went through so much since we even discovered this site. Even though our funding did not go through this time the impact it has had on our game is very notable.

Since the end of the campaign we have been going over how far we have come since the very beginning of development. As you can see we have improved so much over that time. We have matured in our vision, writing and design and we plan to continue to do so in our career.

Early concept

1st Kickstarter 2012


That being said we do understand why our funding has not been as successful as we would have hoped. So we are going to give it one last shot before we look for other ways to get what we need. Right now we have taken Dave’s advice and I have registered to a bunch of forums that would be our target audience. I have also discovered a site called it would be great if you could support us when I get our page up. It allows us to build a fan base for our project and we are going to use it to garner support before we launch our next campaign. It is not a funding platform but rather a place to generate social support for games.

Although we do not have the funds we need we are still continuing to develop. Yin has continued to code and add improvements to the game. Even though she has started a new job on top of taking care of our 3 kids it has made her time much more limited. She still continues to do everything she can to get this done on our target release date.

Shop. One of many things yin has been working on.

One notable decision we have made in regards to going through with crowd funding. We have decided to break the game down into releasable parts. So instead of going for $30,000 we may end up going for a minimal goal of $12,000. We believe we could still make a full experience and people could play the game much faster that way. I will talk much more about this in our next update.

Final word:

I think the real question is not whether we can get funded or not but how good and how fun could our game possibly be? I think when anyone makes a game, when we as developers take it seriously, we are trying to make something great. We take everything we think is great in games we play and we put it into our product. We are looking to make one of the best rpgs on the market. Every time I open our project I ask myself these questions. Is it fun, and how can we improve? With each iteration of the question we find more ways to make it better. Not because we want to make it for ourselves but because we want you all to enjoy. To really enjoy and smile and have fun because that is what I do when I play a game I really enjoy.

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