Our Fourth Kickstarter Pt. 7 – 50% Funded and Feeling Good!

50% funded! And a look to past Kickstarters

So you guys can not understand what it feels like for us to be in this position having gone through 3 previous kickstarter campaigns. The excitement and joy we have are immeasurable. I think it is really difficult for someone to understand where we are coming from unless you were there at the beginning. A lot of our backers understand how we have evolved from previous campaigns and know the humble beginnings of where our game began as opposed to where it is now.

In this update we will link everyone to the older campaign’s updates so you will see how we evolved and know that we have always worked hard in order to get this game to see the light of day.
Campaign 1
Campaign 2
Campaign 3

Reward Suggestions

We also want to open up the rewards just a little bit. We have decided that we would take some suggestions from you backers on rewards that you would love to receive. We find that some of our backers are looking for ways to contribute more. Let us know any little perk that you think would be cool and we will definitely look into providing them.

More News

Until next time, share our project on twitter and facebook. Thanks for all the support. We still have a long way to go. Even though we are 50%, we still need all your help. Like and share with anyone you know, let’s make this game happen now!

Thanks so much we can’t do it without you all,

– Tyrell and Whitney White

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