Our First Kickstarter Pt. 15

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

2012 Kickstarter Update #14. This is when it was just Tyrell, me and Ricky.

Michael stepped down as composer. We brought on Mark (Quigon).

We were preparing for our 2014 Kickstarter in this update.
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We have a few updates that we’ve already shared on our website, along with some smaller updates that we posted around the net. Here it goes!

Battle Backgrounds:

For those who played our previous demo you may have noticed that we used sprited backgrounds. With the help of our artist Ricky we were able to upgrade them to a more painted look. It makes things more dynamic and the scale of it allows us to do different things with the battle system.

new backgrounds

One of the more dynamic things that we plan to do with the battle system is using it to zoom in and out and pan depending on what is happening in the fight. Our new battle backgrounds are layered and built for animation so that is exciting for us. This is a new, but similar system to what we had used in our previous build on the older engine.It is a battle system that is being built from the ground up. Action is as big a thing in and out of battle but I would love to show it before I say too much about it and let the system speak for itself as it is nearly complete.


With that there are some minor updates and palette changes to some of the battlers and animations. I have redone Jagen’s colors and sprites so that it would match with the backgrounds much better. The wolves from the demo have also received a much needed upgrade. We have also added some more monsters in the area to give it more diversity. Most of the enemies from Jagen’s intro would be more forest like creature. While the next part would be consisting of more humans ones.

new ridder

new wolf

We hope to show off some of these features soon. And let people know how hard we have been working on this. I say this a lot, but we would love to do more updates and if time permits I will definitely try.

A Closer Look At Sinara:
sin eyes
Sinara’s early life was full of pain and isolation. Sinara and her younger sister Miranda were orphans who grew up in an unnamed town; overworked and under fed. They spent each day longing for a chance at a real life and family. The days of work and hunger led Sinara to have deep disdain for society. Soon the town was ravaged by demons and that day of having a real family never came. Sinara and Miranda’s first encounter with demons wounded them. That day, they nearly lost the only thing they have ever truly possessed: their lives. They grew enraged by the mere mention of the word demon and vowed to find a way to rid the world of them.

When they were of age, they joined the ridders. Miranda took a more internal role, while Sinara worked more on the field of battle. Both were Max’s best recruits, but Sinara was his prize possession and once he saw the potential in her skill, he honed them to reach a status beyond measure.

Max gave Sinara a pet demon, Liz. Despite Sinara’s hate for demons, Liz and Sinara manage to become partners in crime. Liz would sacrifice anything for Sinara and Sinara would let her.

liz and sin

Liz is Sinara’s partner. As much as Sinara hates demons, she keeps one as her right hand. Liz was discovered by Maximillion and given to Sinara as a pet. She has grown to love Liz and Liz feels the same. Liz has no remorse for the damage that she does to her fellow demons. Her hate for her own kind could only be explained by the teachings that Sinara has embedded in her mind, having been the only person she has truly gotten to know.

Sinara is known as being sadistic and evil. She kills without remorse and has a short temper. She tolerates humans a bit more, but their lives seem to mean as little to her as demons do. Sinara’s fighting prowess has earned her a reputation of being both deadly and overly confident. This makes her extremely intimidating because she is known more as a legend than as an actual person.

Skills and Abilities

Under Max’s tutelage, Sinara has become one of the most feared warriors of the demon ridders. She has learned to use many weapons and has learned to use and make poisons. Sinara is an excellent marksmen and her weapons of choice are two chakram which she uses in both ranged and melee combat. Sinara has also been shown to possess demon like attributes and abilities. Such as enhanced speed, strength, and endurance. This is due to her voluntary experimental procedures that she undergoes which injects a chemical found in demons. That chemical gives her the ability to manipulate the atmosphere to produce elemental abilities. It is something that demons excrete out of their pores in times of stress or danger.

New name, new logo:


We decided to change the name of our game to something less generic. Since Demon’s Revenge is the name of a previously released flash game, we need to make something a bit more diverse. So we went with adding “Celestial Tear” to the title which is the name of the universe in which Demon’s Revenge takes place. We love the idea for a shared universe within our games, and we think having it in the title makes our project more diverse. We are between these three color schemes at the moment. We love how it came out, but can’t choose.

That’s it for now, but there’s more to come!

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