Our First Kickstarter Pt. 2 – Battle Sprites, About Gameplay, More

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

2012 Kickstarter Update #2. This is when it was just Tyrell, me and my brother, Michael.
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Hey everyone!
With update number 2, we wanted to show you guys some more battler sprites as well as concept art and introduce 3 of the main villains + more!
Story Update

For the story update this time, we’d like to introduce you to 3 main villains. You will be seeing these 3 throughout the game.

Grandeur Maximillion

Max is the leader of the demon ridders (an army of people who put demons away). He spends most of his time in the headquarters disciplining the captured demons for their crimes and handing out missions to his army.


Sinara is Maximillion’s right hand girl. A ruthless, trained assassin who sets out on a path to any mission that Max gives her. She thirsts for the power that she needs to carry out her task and strives to make Max proud.


Liz is Sinara’s partner. As much as Sinara hates demons, believe it or not, she keeps one as her right hand. Liz was discovered by Maximillion and given to Sinara as a pet. She has grown to love Liz and Liz feels the same and has no remorse for the damage that she does to her fellow demons.

Art Update

As for the art, we have another main character to show some concept of! His name is Jynx and he plays a vital role in the story. He has the ability to phase through objects as well as wield the element of darkness. He specializes in concentrated darkness skills.


We said in the last update that we’d have Zone’s partners in crime up for everyone to see. Here’s Zieg, an animal and demon tamer who’s weapon is the bombs that he creates. He has traveled all of Hasphal challenging himself in the art of taming creatures. It seems is the only brave soul who does this and everyone thinks he is a fool.


And Siluet, a half demon from the snowy town of D’halis. As a musician, he often travels with Zieg on his crazy journeys to tame creatures mainly because Zieg will be near a town where he’d be performing in. He has recently taken up a home in New Falen, an underground town where nobody discriminates.


Also as an extra for this update, we have a preview of an animation that we are still working on, Zone’s victory pose:

Zone Anim1

Gameplay Update

Here I wanted to talk a little bit about how some of the features of the game work and how we plan to implement them in the game. We are using RPG Maker VX Ace for our game. This engine has a built in scripts system called RGSS3 which is based on Ruby. Having this built in script system allows us to implement many of the features that we have talked about.

For the difficulty system, all enemies will have levels just like players and those levels will be adjusted based on the difficulty chosen. Also choosing a higher difficulty will have an impact on the retry system. Choosing easy as your difficulty, if you get a game over, you will not need a Rewind (the item that you need in order to retry) in order to retry the battle and you will be brought back at full life, as opposed to if you choose normal or hard where you need a Rewind in order to be revived and you will be brought back with the same stats you had before entering the battle.

The living NPCs are going to be the hardest, but most rewarding part of bringing everything together. This feature will rely on the day and night system that we have in place. They will wake up and go to work, have days off, hang out, etc. When you talk to them, they will be knowledgeable about situations that are going on in the town and if they don’t like you then good luck getting them to talk to you.

Speaking of the day and night system, this is a vital part of our game. Not only does it set up the mood for the NPCs, but it also effects what enemies you encounter and your battle abilities. Some skills will be stronger at night, and some in the morning, such as fire skills may be stronger or have a chance at inflicting a burn status effect while the sun is up and some water skills may end up changing into an ice skill if the area is colder at night. Some enemies will only come out in certain times of the day. For example, you’ll fight bats at night and birds in the morning. The list goes on and on with this system.

Music Update

As for a music update we have another sample loop of one of the battle songs in our game. I hope you guys enjoy it! (Song on the bottom of the post)

We wanted to say thank you to all of our backers and let everyone know that we are planning a short demo! We can’t wait to get the demo out and into everyone’s hard drives! We have backed a few projects that we think look REALLY nice and hope to have them succeed because we want to play them too! 😛 (Hey, we’re still gamers too!)




If you like our game you should check those out as well.

Also we’ve had a discussion going on at reddit talking about the game! If you have anything to say about the game or add to the conversation, here’s the link:


And as always, don’t forget to spread the word!

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