Our First Kickstarter Pt. 3

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

2012 Kickstarter Update #3. This is when it was just Tyrell, me and my brother, Michael.

This update was missing images, so I’ve found them and reuploaded them here:

Hey everyone,

This is Trexrell with update #3 we want to let you guys know a little more about us and introduce you to my favorite character of all time Kerell. Also we want to let you guys have a stronger incite of what our funding would actually be for, why we decided to go with RPG maker and why we think our game stands above the rest.

Kerell has been in development for as long as I can remember. He is a Kelt from the planet Fliridian. He has gone through different looks but his back story has always remained the same. He is noble, brave and stern. Being of Kelt his biology is geared more towards the warmer climate. Humans being adapted from Kelts had to confine to the cooler environments. So he is more powerful in the daytime.

As we stated before Demon’s Revenge has been in production for a few years. We have gotten quite a bit of work done in all those years progressing ourselves with experience and know how. We have been in the RPG Maker and comic mugen community. In that time we have been developing our spriting skills and forming relationships with other sprite artist to get a feel of the level we wanted to achieve, and forming our own unique style. We have completed several mugen characters in that time and have learned quite a bit.

Since we have been in that community, we have read several books which have really influenced the way we write our stories including Identity crisis(DC comics), the Dragon Lance series, and Kingdom Come(DC comics) to name a few. We learned quite a bit from those selections adapting a lot of those techniques into our writing.

We enjoy a good RPG I am I huge Wild Arms fan. While Yin really enjoyed Suikoden 2. So we have played Final Fantasy to Tales of Vesperia and we feel like what we learned, researched, and studied that we are ready to bring our game to life. The reason why we are using RPG Maker is because it is a really great place to start we can dive right into to the engine and create something really unique. All of our graphics are custom made either through commissioned tile sets or by Yin and I. We have our coder who has been working for us off and on but offered to do it full time if we get funded. Not to mention our composer who is willing to not only make us new tracks but to add more quality to the ones we already have acquired from him. So everything but the engine is built from the ground up.

We feel we have one of the best 2D RPGs in production. We are adapting an art style rarely seen in this genre. And story telling techniques that we feel are above the rest. Our motion comics play out important scenarios while our out of battle sprite showcase emotions in motion. We want to give that cinematic appeal in our game. We want our players to form a strong bond with our characters so you will see that fear, they will play out that anger and you will feel apart of their world.

Small sprite update

New Sen

New Jagen

As well as some Desert monsters


Desert Crow


We love to create and make games. We get up every morning, creating and producing work for our project. There is nothing we would rather do than create games. So thank you for your pledges, not only will you have Kick started our careers you would have helped us achieve our greatest dream.

If you have any questions let us know and of course share this project with your friends.

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