Our First Kickstarter Pt. 6

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

2012 Kickstarter Update #6. This is when it was just Tyrell, me and my brother, Michael.

We surprised everyone when we brought Ricky on board and Ricky surprised us with his beautiful art and great interpretation of our characters!
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Hey everyone, we have some exciting news to share! We’ve just gotten a new artist, Ricky Gunawan and the work is coming out GREAT! He really captures the comic style that we were ultimately going for. For now we just have the black and whites and we wanted our backers to get a sneak peek at it.

Also, some of you know that we have been working on the demo. We are trying to include as many features as we can. And we want to show you guys that we can make a professional game. It will have living NPCs, the day and night system, retry system (easy mode only for the demo, so you will always get revived with full HP), and full sized battle system (without environmental interaction). We also will include the motion comic that you’ve seen on our page. The demo should last about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how you tread through it. We really hope you enjoy it.

Our Kickstarter journey has been an educational and inspiring one. We came into this presentation thinking that we were going to have a much smoother experience. We know now that we have to work hard and really inspire our backers to know that we mean business. So we are going to go with a more professional presentation video, a new logo, new artist and of course our demo. We are confident that we have plenty of time to make our turn around, and we need your help. We know we have a great product we just need to get the word out.

Thank you guys and gals! We are so excited and grateful that you are taking this journey with us. And we are eager to make this game for you with as much quality and content as possible.

Here’s Sen and Jagen, drawn by Ricky Gunawan.

You can see more of his stuff here:


Pencils Sen and Jag

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