Our Fourth Kickstarter Pt. 1

I figured I might as well post these updates now before they pile up on me like the last 3 did. I’ll start from the first one of our current kickstarter.

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Thank You!

We are now at 15%! The kickstarter statistics say if we get to 30% in the 1st couple of days we are almost guaranteed to get funded. Let’s all continue to spread the word and get this game on Steam. We plan to also sell the game DRM free on our website, but this allows us to get in front of a much broader audience and increase the success of the game when it’s released.

It is a new campaign, so if you voted before we can use your vote again.

Let’s continue this momentum, you guys and gals will not be disappointed with our project when it is finally released. Forgive me, I am a little excited to see the percentage so high on our funding goal. I knew if we stuck through with everything it would pay off.

We have a high chance of going mobile, but I want to make sure it is a 100% sure thing. We will keep you updated with that news. As far as other consoles go we still want to put this game on the Wii U and PlayStation Vita/4. We will see how the success of the PC version goes when it is fully complete and see about porting it.

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