Our Fourth Kickstarter Pt. 8 – Big news in a big week and an even bigger cross promo

Big News!

Cinema Blend
Man, I was so excited to find out that we’d been mentioned on a pretty big site like Cinema Blend. A very nice guy by the name of William Usher thought our project had enough potential to write about it on that news site. We are looking to get even more traffic after such a submission and we hope to see many more soon.
We have many more big things coming and another great article by Retro Gaming Mag. People are giving us a chance and that is all we can ask for. We have been featured in many news sources with some interviews coming soon. We can not thank these guys enough for their support.

Cross Promotion

So we are doing something a bit more elaborate with this cross promotion. We have teamed up with Happy Square Productions to have a cross promotion that will actually be in game. With their title “The Land of Eyas” we plan to have cameos of our characters in each others game.

One of the big reasons we decided to go into indie gaming was the camaraderie between developers, and our willingness to support and help each other out. This is indeed one of those situations and we hope you enjoy their project as much as ours.

Land Of Eyas & CTDR Cross

We appreciate the gesture and we hope that you will enjoy the promotional work we put together.
Eyas Card

One of the ways we plan to add Eyas to CT: Demon’s Revenge is including him as an entry in the card game. Although this is not the final template for the cards, I thought it would be cool to show him in sprite form.

Thanks everyone! With all the good news we are accumulating, we are sure to be on a fast track to getting funded. Until next time, share our project on twitter and facebook. Thanks for all the support. Like and share with anyone you know, we are so close!

Thanks again,

– Tyrell and Whitney White

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