Our Second Kickstarter Pt. 13

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

May 2014 Kickstarter Update #13. This is when it was just Tyrell, me, Ricky and Mark.
We also brought on a tile artist, Hannah, and someone to do sound effects, Zach.
Chris is still a student so we don’t know how things will pan out. We hope to keep him on board!

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Well, we have finally decided on when we are going to launch our next attempt on Kickstarter. We are going to start our campaign on September 2nd. We want to get full production before the end of the year and release the game by the 2nd quarter of 2015.

I think one of the things a bunch people seemed to want to know was who we were. Since we never really showed ourselves on a video for too long or explained it in our previous campaigns no one really knows who we are. I feel we are the average American family. We have 3 kids, we work, and like any other American family we have dreams. I met my wife, Whitney, when we were both going to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh back in 2006. Because of our love of games and making them, we formed a bond that has been strong since then. Since we met, making games is all we’ve ever done. Our goal was to have our own company and just make games for a living. We have dabbled with many hobbyist platforms, but none had quite an impact like the Mugen community.

Mugen Work:

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/us9ewvm7dWY”]
Yin’s very 1st character Lara Croft

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/BVwXZpU_4dc”]
Luke Cage by Trexrell and Thor by Loganir

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/b-TI6ZJrW1E”]
Selene by Trexrell and my friend ESN

More can be seen on my personal channel:

We have learned so much from that and it has really improved my sprite work. We currently run a very small homebrew game community (cavernofcreativity.com) that includes RPG maker, Mugen and Open Beats of Rage games and creators. If we are not making games, we are doing research on how to make them great by watching many review shows on youtube. Of course at the moment, that research is going towards kickstarter and promotion. It is our life. People have told me when I was younger that I could not do anything with games. I really want to prove them wrong.

Budget 2

With that being said we have also adopted a smaller goal. We have decided to go with a goal of $12,000. This will not affect the quality of the game that we are planning to make but it will slightly alter the content. We are still going to be making the same game. It will be a complete adventure. We do hope to make the grand scheme of the game after this initial release. That means that this part of the game will span between 14-20 hours and will not feature all 12 playable characters, but instead 6. Whitney has rewritten the story to make it shorter. The story will complete itself making it a full experience, but we will continue it in an extended DLC which will bring the story to its epic conclusion. For anyone who pledges to receive the game on kickstarter they will get this DLC for free. So if anyone has any questions or concerns, let us know. We will be happy to address them.

I want to make this as clear as possible. Whitney will be the one working full time on the project. She holds many responsibilities such as coding, organization, quality control, development, writing and some pixel art. I will continue to work my job unless the funding reaches goals that I can comfortably do this for full time. My main priorities are to work on the pixel art and animations. Your support allows us to do this more comfortably and manage our time much more efficiently.
Demo feedback:

We also want everyone who took the survey to know that we have been working very hard on fixing a lot of things that have been mentioned. I would like to address those issues. One of the big things talked about was the lag. We have since made tweaks to performance which should make it run much better on older computers. Whitney has been working on a laptop with an I7 processor which runs the game at a pretty steady frame rate. It does not work as well on older computers and it is something that we want to fix after the funding. We have stretch goals and we now have the possibility of porting to other platforms. The menus are being worked on as well as the controls. Although we need funding to complete the battle system, we feel it showcases the basics.

We have already begun to do so much more than we have in previous attempts. Our love for this game and wanting to be the game developers we’d always hoped to be has led us to this. We really want to have some feedback on the way we are moving along with this. We want to have much more confidence in knowing that we have some people that are going to back us on September 2nd. If you plan to back us this coming month please like this post let us know on twitter, facebook or any other social media platform. We know that we cannot do this on our own and we need every inch of our community that truly believes in us, to support us on what we feel will be the defining moment of our lives.

Thank you everyone for your support and we hope to see you in September.

-Tyrell White

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