Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 12

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #15.
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Who are the Ridders?

Ridders come from all over the world. Most of them volunteer to become ridders. These are usually young men and woman who look up to the ridders as being the protectors and saviors of the human race from demons. They usually come from the slums and use the ridder stature to honor their families.

There are some ridders who are hand picked from their particular part of the world. These humans usually posses gifts or talents that are particular to where they come from. These gifts could mean things as simple as natural strength, speed, or even the ability to channel the power of the sun into healing powers. They are usually held as the best of their kind and participate in tournaments to determine that right. These ridders are never drafted and usually accept joining as an honor. Most earn the rank of Elite Ridder and hold that position until they retire, when someone from their region can take their position.

Jagen was raised by wealthy owners of an inn located in the town of Pekitzer. He lived a very privileged life and was exposed to some of the finer teachings in all of Hasphal. Jagen’s parents were so busy with the family business that they rarely had time for him. Because of that, Jagen indulged himself in education, religion, and training. He grew to embrace the intricacies of strategy and war and grew a passion for some of the more obscure and unpredictable weapons and fighting styles…..

In our demo, you learn very early on that a terrible tragedy fell upon Jagen. His wife was killed by a rampaging demon. Jagen does what most would want to do in such a situation, he joins the Ridders in order to eradicate the world of such atrocities. He does not want to kill all demons. He feels that not every demon is evil. In memory of his wife he wants to protect the people of Hasphal from the type of demons that took her from him.
Jagen Stance

Most of the ridders despise Jagen, having climbed the ranks of the ridders in such little time, they feel his vast resources and status in life has attributed to his position. Jagen is a very adept strategist and fighter which has earned him very high praise within the ridders organization. The feelings of his peers phase him very little, as he is more concerned with his cause.
Jagen Riding
Soon, Jagen finds out that his ideals vary greatly from the ridders agenda. Jagen eventually has to make a decision that will alter his life and perhaps change the way he looks at the world of Hasphal.

Amira Sitting
Amira has grown up looking at the ridders as role models. The ridders were the great warriors of Hasphal and she believed she could train herself to become one. In Amira’s life, she had never encountered a demon. She had always heard about the destruction they caused and why they were so terrible. She thought of them as beasts that needed to be slain by those who she deemed as heroes.
Amira Stance
Amira dedicated her life to becoming a ridder, training hard everyday to learn what she could from the locals in Martholin, a town located near the ridder headquarters. Amira would eventually register to become a ridder. Enthusiastic about her chances of become a ridder, time would pass and no word would arrive. She would wait and her doubt would grow. Something that she trained her life to do, her dream, everything that made her life worth living felt like it was wavering in the wind. News would soon arrive and her suspicions would soon prove true. She was denied.
Amira would grow bitter. Life had lost its luster. She felt as though she had no place in life. Amira would learn to resent the ridders for not understanding her destiny. She would learn to despise the Gaddok for not granting her what she prayed for. She would soon leave Martholin because the sight of the ridder headquarters sickened her. She vowed one day she would show them the greatest warrior they had ever denied… Or destroy them. Whatever comes first.

Thanks again for reading our updates.

-Tyrell and Whitney White

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