Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 14

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #17.
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Annox Desert
In this update, we talk about one of the larger cities in the game called Annox Desert. We go over its relationship to the rest of the world and a little about what can be done there.
Annox Sands Battle
Annox Desert is one of the 1st major cities you will be visiting in CT: Demon’s Revenge. In this busy human dominated city there is high trade and adventure. In the day time, there is a lot of activity as the people of Annox have very busy lives. While at night, a band of thieves rule the streets.

Classes are split between the wealthy and working people by a wall. While the higher class citizens live near the palace the lower class people live in the slums.

The Annox Desert Palace is filled with guards and the wealth of a thriving economy. Prince Raj rules over Annox with his family, primarily focusing on the upper class citizens and ignoring the needs of the poor. This leads to a conflict between the guards and its less than regal citizens.

Mioni and Crafting
In Annox will be your first encounter with crafting. There is a very important character named Mioni. She is the daughter of the Annox Guard Lieutenant Falen. Because of that, she has had the privilege to experience and learn high levels of alchemy. Mioni is considered the world’s leader in the advancement in the science of alchemy. She becomes one of your allies and for a time you visit her to craft new items and learn new formulas.

Thanks again everyone, we still have more updates to come. We are always happy that you guys are reading our updates and we hope to talk to you all again soon.

Thank you,

Tyrell and Whitney White

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