Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 2

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #4.
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Boss Design Contest Winner
Hey everyone! Today we have a small update. We recently held a boss design contest and today, we want to announce the winner of the community’s choice.

*Drum Roll*

Congratulations to Fred Green & his wife who collaborated to create Adelyte.


Name: Adelyte

Race: Jeht

Physical Attributes:

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 200lbs

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Emerald

Special Abilities:
Adelyte is an interesting jeht. She is not exactly good or evil she lives her life walking in the middle, dancing the shades of grey. Her real talent is her intelligence, she is a master manipulator and always has a decent sized following of others to do her bidding. She is a master of trade on the black market making money off of war and those that follow her are essentially a band of mercenaries more faithful to her than the money she provides them with. She seems to have good command over the element of wind, using it to bolster her speed and the speed in which she uses her long trident spear. Those who know her have a little fear and a lot of admiration, they are almost enthralled by her very presence. She exudes a fair bit of sexuality but a lot of authority, intrigue, and danger.

Weapon Of Choice: Trident

Strength – 4/10

Durability – 3/10

Speed – 8/10

Intelligence – 8/10

Fighting Skills – 7/10

We will be getting the design and information to Ricky once we confirm a few things with Fred!

We loved all of the designs and we want to send out special thank yous to ALL who participated and we will announce our personal pick in the next update!

More On The Game

Now we wanted to get into the game itself. I want to talk about an underground town called Killena, the hidden gem of Hasphal. Killena is a hub for plenty of things, one being minigames. We have always been fans of the minigames in various JRPGs, and of course we could not make a JRPG without including them. I want to talk a little bit about them now. We have a few planned minigames. Some are big and some are small. Here is a list of all that we have planned. Keep in mind that these are still in concept stages!

A Trading Card Game – The name is still unknown, but the concept is real! The game will feature 154 cards total and will include character cards, trap cards, magic cards, healing cards, shield cards, buff and debuff cards and a special card called an assist card. I can’t wait to begin working on this! 😀

A friend of ours has been considering making a base card game system to offer creators and if it is successful, we will be using it. If not, I will be coding this baby myself!

You can check out his movement here! http://dekitarpg.wordpress.com/tcg-mnk/

A Racing Game – I have in mind a racing minigame that is simple, yet fun to play. There will be randomized tracks and opponents each with different stats. I’m hoping to add some road rage tactics like bumping other racers off of the road among other things.

Now I know how some people feel about minigames. These are all optional and the game can be beaten without playing one minigame!

We are still hard at work on the game, Tyrell has been putting a lot of work into the next scenes for the game leading into the next part of the demo and I have been revamping systems to be better and more efficient for performance. More on that tomorrow!

Other Platforms:
A lot of people have been asking about more platforms for the game. We have been doing the research and getting some prices and we will be announcing some stretch goals in the next few days concerning this!

That’s it for today! Thank you for reading, if you haven’t backed us yet, why not?? 😛 A very special thank you to those who have backed us! If you have any questions, please let us know. We will be very happy to answer them!

We’ll be back tomorrow!

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