Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 3

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #5.
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Sinara’s cut scene

In this update I want to show an element of the game that we think is unique and sort of original. This is another example of the sprited cut-scenes, this one features Sinara one of our main antagonist.

“Sinara’s early life was full of pain and isolation. Sinara and her younger sister Miranda were orphans who grew up in an unnamed town; overworked and under fed. They spent each day longing for a chance at a real life and family. The days of work and hunger led Sinara to have deep disdain for society. Soon the town was ravaged by demons and that day of having a real family never came. Sinara and Miranda’s first encounter with demons wounded them. That day, they nearly lost the only thing they have ever truly possessed: their lives. They grew enraged by the mere mention of the word demon and vowed to find a way to rid the world of them.”

Sin Update
She is a ruthless character known for her merciless onslaught of demons as well as humans who get in her way. To learn more about Sinara you can click on her image.

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Give me your feedback and let me know how you feel about the video.

Ask me anything on Reddit.

We had started another Reddit post. This time it really got off the ground with some great feedback. Join in and if you have any questions, anything at all please do not be afraid to ask. We are open and ready to answer all the questions you may have, here or on Reddit.

Developers Pick:

We are still debating on our pick for the contest. The entries were so inspiring we kind of feel like giving out more prizes but we have to keep everything within budget, so we are still talking about it.
Campaign status:

We have reached a pretty cool milestone with having raised $1,008 funding so far. We are very excited about that. This means a lot to us and we will keep pushing hard to get our game made.

Everyone is telling us how great of a project we have. This is our third time on this platform and we know we have what it takes to make a great game. Just stick with us, learn about our process our dedication and spread that word far and wide because we are never giving up.

I talk about my game to just about everyone I feel is going to be interested, and this is something that I have to accomplish in life.

I’m never giving up no matter how hard it may seem!

Thanks for believing and supporting us we will continue to move forward with the kickstarter campaign.

With your support we all can help bring this game to life and be a part of it. If we all just brought in one more backer we could have at least 120 backers. That could make all the difference.

I’m fighting through all 4 quarters of this campaign and I am ready to tackle week two. Enjoy the update.

-Tyrell White

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