Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 4

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #6.
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The update I had planned for today had gotten slightly delayed due to quality issues, it is a very important update and I want to make sure it is the best it could possibly be. Be prepared to be impress, that update is coming soon!

This update is just as impressive if not more. It is something I always wanted to do and I hope he reads this as he has been a great person to have on our project.

Thank you Ricky!

In this update I would like to thank Ricky Gunawan, our artist for Demon’s Revenge. What he has done for our project has brought us to where we are today. He has always supported us from the very beginning. When we give him a character or description he almost always get it right the 1st time. His work is always excellent, and he would amaze you with how fast and efficient he could get a work of art done. Even though he works on a commission basis, he lets us know that he will be there when we need him. Ricky prides himself with his work and will never sacrifice quality over anything.

Mighty Armehd No BG

Armehd Battler

Ricky has influenced some character designs for the better. When I see his work I take it as a personal challenge to bring my sprite work up to his level and what ever changes he makes we adapt it to the characters overall design.

Ricky has also designed our logo for Demon’s Revenge which a lot of people love. He has also designed our logo for the LLC. Which is cool with its optical illusion.

Ricky Backgrounds
Ricky has also provided us with these beautiful battle backgrounds. Each of them distinct and detailed which allows our different arenas to have a life all of their own

So overall, what I am saying is that Ricky is the man! I do not not where our project would be without him. He is a very important part of the success that we have. It would be amazing to be able to give him the rest of the funds to help us finish the game with his amazing art.

Thank you Ricky, we hope to work with you much more consistently in the very near future.

We need your support to help us with the funds to keep Ricky busy making great art for our project. With your help we can get this game done at the highest quality possible.

Thanks for reading this update, look out for the next update!


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