Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 5

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #7.
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Stretch Goals
Stretch Goals

In this update we reveal our stretch goals as well as some add-ons. We really wanted to reveal the stretch goals much earlier but the project did not kick off as fast as we thought it would. We are still very much in it and we hope to bounce back very soon.

* These versions will come later than the PC version due to extra coding. We will provide a PC copy to hold you off + A copy to a platform that you choose when it is done!


We took information from other projects before we did our rewards we figured people would not want certain things like T-Shirts so we kept it out. Now we are letting you guys choose exactly what you would like added to your pledge. We hope this gives you plenty of options .


$25 – Custom Demon’s Revenge T-Shirt *Designs may vary

Icon Game Copy
$8 – Extra Digital copy of the game

Icon Soundtrack
$8 – Digital Soundtrack

Icon Art Book
$15 – Digital Artbook

Icon Game Copy
$30 – For physical (or extra physical copy) of the game, including the manual.

Icon Posters
$12 – For poster or world map by Ricky Gunawan.

Example of world maps by Ricky.

Add $15 for outside the US unless you already pledge for physical items.

Higher Tier Rewards

Stay tuned for our next update as we actually present to you what will be offered in our higher tiers. We were doing some talking and we figured if anyone would pledge for those rewards being so high we could surely pay for the international shipping on the higher tiers, so we are eliminating the international shipping cost for the rewards that are $450 and up.

New character design tier

We are also going to offer a reward for creating a playable character. This will tie into the previous reward where the secret island you create will be where your character will be found. Choose his or her race, moral standing on the conflicts between the humans and jehts. Work with the developers to come up with powers and abilities of your character, come up with field skill and battle abilities. Come up with back story for your character. Have our Artist Ricky Gunawan design 24′ by 36′ size poster.

New Forum

We just recently set up our new forum. If you guys would like to chat with us or discover other news about our projects come check it out. Whitney needs someone to talk to as she has been on there talking to herself. :p

New Forum

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