Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 6

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #8.
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Well, we are feeling a lot better. We are still a little down from being sick but we are back with a great update. In this update we want to show you all some of the larger creatures that we have in the game. We also want to show some animations for those who did not get a chance to play the demo. For some there may be some confusion on what we are actually offering in our higher tiers and we want to clear that up as best as possible.

Enemies in our game are separated in tiers. You have your basic enemies, the normal ones you encounter frequently. The boss enemies, the ones you usually fight within a large event or dungeon. Than you have your epic enemies which can be easy or hard to find, but you should avoid them on first sight until you are powerful enough to defeat them. We want these enemies to be unique but we also want them to look practical and match the world.

Enemy types

Eastern Sands Dragon Roar
Here we have the Eastern Sands dragon he is rather large and tend to travel alone. He is pretty easy to defeat despite his size. He resides in the Eastern Sands of Annox Desert and may be pretty easy to avoid.

Hulyzer is a boss character. You battle him in an undisclosed(spoiler) part of the game. His size does matter and he uses his environment to his advantage.

King Cobran
This is the King Cobran he is an epic boss. One of which can be easily seen on the Eastern Sands. Fight him at your own risk. You will more than likely die until you level up enough to defeat him.

Hornet King
For anyone who was unlucky enough to find this guy in the demo. You will know he was impossible to beat at the moment. We wanted to throw in this extra little thing so you will know that there will be challenges to overcome as well as rewards for exploration.

We want to let it be known that these types of boss characters will in no way make the game any easier. We have implemented a level system in which your encounters will present you with enemies of different levels. With this, they all have different attack levels and stats which will have the game at a steady level of difficulty. When we release the updated demo later in the campaign we hope to get some feedback on that.

Reward chart

To help with some of the confusion with the rewards, we made up this chart. The reason why we are just making this is because we really didn’t think we needed it. After looking at our rewards we were definitely wrong. In an effort to fix that problem we made one.

reward chart

Character Animations
We also want you guys to really understand what you would be getting with the higher tiers. We made a couple of gifs showing off some animations other than that one with Jagen fighting the wolves we hope you find them attractive. We pride ourselves in animations and if you do decide to get your own character or boss enemy made with us we want you to see the quality that it will be made in.

Jagen’s Lohal essence its a single target heal.

Armehd’s taunt

maggie flame
Maggie’s Flame AOE fire attack.

Whitney’s main attack, smite. Holy damage.

Boss Design Contest Second Winner Finally Announced!

So it was a tough decision on who we wanted to consider the second place winner for our boss design contest. We actually had three in mind. Since we had a hard time picking the last winner, we want to give them all prizes but we are broke so we are just going to make them cards. We could make all of our backers cards of your favorite characters if you would like as we reveal some of them in the future updates.

2nd winner here is Analiah Blackthorne by Mariah and Deanna. Congratulations to them!

This is an early template of the card battle minigame we have in mind, and to give thanks to everyone that entered. I will be doing a card for your character. If anyone has questions on this do not be afraid to ask.

Contest Winner Prize
winner process
Here you will see the process of Ricky as he makes the boss contest winners poster. This is the same poster that we offer for some of our other pledge rewards. Ricky is a very skilled artist and takes anyone’s vision to new heights.

New Pledge Tier create a character

We have added a new tier for character creation. This will include your own character who you decide his/her standing on the issues within Hasphal. You work with the developers to create his or her powers, race, traits, voice work, and very own battle theme. You also receive a poster designed by our very own Ricky Gunawan. Not to mention all previous tier rewards.

Pledge Deals!

We want to give out some more early bird deals with some of the higher tier pledge rewards. We want our current backers to get there first so hopefully this message travels faster to you guys than to anyone who would see our project. If you like what you see in this update, chances are you also see the worth in those higher rewards.

Thanks for reading! We missed out on a couple days due to being sick and we really hope this update made up for it. Until next time here, is another cool project.

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