Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 9

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #12.
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DR Cover
Updated Demo

So I’ve updated the demo to the game, eliminating a lot of bugs and hopefully increasing some performance by overhauling some of the systems. Unfortunately, complete overhauls mean incompatible saves. I’ve incorporated a save deletion in the new installer to prevent errors.

[su_spoiler title=”Change Log: 1.05″]

  • – Overhaul of map tools (Jagen’s blade, Sen’s water, etc).
  • – Conversation bubbles no longer get stuck to the edge of the screen.
  • – Optimized a little. Hopefully you guys who were experiencing performance issues will be able to play now.
  • – Fixed a couple of minor errors.
  • – Made battle camera hover on the target that you are targeting instead of just the area.
  • – New balancing of enemies (They now provide more of a challenge)
  • – I FIXED THAT ELUSIVE END OF BATTLE FREEZE AFTER DEATH ONCE AND FOR ALL! (I hope… But I’m pretty confident that I did.)
  • – Added a MAP! Press M to toggle it on and off
  • – Fixed missing sound when fighting white wolf
  • – Fixed leveling up skills AGAIN!
  • – Armehd’s attack was fixed.
  • – Added a Quick Save function! Press F8 to save and quit
  • – Guarding works now!
  • – Fixed the coding of some of the battlers.

You can get the update from here!

http://demonsrevenge.com/stuff/CTDR Setup.exe

We hope you enjoy it! Now we are going to begin moving on with the development process, but if you guys find any more bugs, I will add them to my fix list and try my best to patch them up!

Thank you to those of you who came to the stream! We really appreciate your support! For those of you that missed the stream earlier, it will probably be put up in the next 2 weeks on youtube, so stay tuned for that!

Thank you to all of our backers, your support has gotten us to where we are now and we will keep pushing forward. We have a couple more character updates planned, but if there’s anything else that you guys would like more information on please let us know and we will incorporate it into an update.

– Whitney & Tyrell White

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