Everything Is Coming Together!!

Amira's pencils
Amira’s pencils

So we have had an exciting and progressive week. We have contacted everyone we have doing commission work for us and soon the wallpapers will be available. Right now, Ricky has done the portrait for Amira. We wanted to do this first so we know what everyone looks like and have the characters finalized.

We are also looking into getting our trading card game done so we are doing the starting work on that system. The battle system is still the top priority so that is getting done too.

Mark, our musician, is off to making some brilliant compositions. I am happy to say that the album for chapter 1 will have over 20 tracks O_o. Whitney is really particular with the music for our game and it is as important to her as the gameplay itself.

We will soon be deleting our Steam greenlight entry because we will be working with a digital publishing company called Degica, who will get us on steam among other platforms. They have published a few games on Steam, gamestop.com and Amazon. They will also be helping us with translating the game to japanese as well as doing some promotion.

This is a dream come true and I want to let you all know that we truly appreciate everything you have done and that we are off to a great start. We will try to do an update every 2 weeks no matter how big or small.

Thanks again,

-Tyrell and Whitney White

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