Our 4th Kickstarter Pt.11

Updated Demo, Reddit and more news.

Constant testing

So as the campaign goes on, we are also trying to get some more development done. Whitney has been hammering out some new issues that have come up during recent testing of the demo. We have seen things from streams and lets plays that are an issue, and we have been taken care of most of them. We want the game to be as bug free as possible, even in its current form we want players to have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

1.06 –

– Guarding is now working as it should. (Last update I just made it work, but now it works properly lol)

– Spamming the slice button gets Jagen stuck in that position forever has been FIXED.

– Jagen’s evasion pose is fixed now.

– Fixed tripling damage bug.

– Rebalancing of enemies damage values.

– Various tweaks.

– Fixed some menu mishaps.

Updated Demo

DR Reddit

We have just launched yet another Reddit thread. If you guys would like to help us in some conversation about the game we could gain some more attention and possibly more fans. I opened up a thread to openly talk about the game right now and what it could possibly be. With your help we can produce a much better game.

Don’t forget to share our project on twitter and facebook, it helps us get to our goal much faster!

Thanks again,

– Tyrell and Whitney White

More news

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