Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 12

Backer NPC, Luth

We have had a chance to work with backers on their NPC characters. The one that we are going to present in this update is a character by the name of Luth.


When he was younger, he was captured along with a few of his friends. When they were rounded up by the group of soldiers, they were tortured and beaten just for the amusement of the men. As the night carried on and the men had more drinks in them, they started making him and his friends fight, though the jehts were not given weapons and the soldiers fought with them. After watching most of his friends fall, he stopped remembering things and only came to a short distance away from the camp. His tattered clothes soaked in blood, but most of it was not his even though he did have a few nasty cuts of his own.

His outlook: Despite what happened to him, he feels he’s seen the demon in both humans and his own people. Neither of them are really all that different, they’re all just afraid and they need something to blame for that fear. So the humans blame the jehts and the jehts blame the humans.

Luth's over world sprite
Luth’s over world sprite

I had some fun spriting Luth. I think he has a great design and back story. We would of course be making him a character in the card game and doing a full sprite of him. I just wanted you all to have a look at some of the backers creations. This is not the final design as Steven may want some changes to the over-world sprite.

We are nearly at the half way point of our campaign! We are past our half way funding point and with less than $2,000 left to go! I know we have a good chance at making our goal. We have had some great discussion on Reddit and we would love for more of you to join us.

Please share our project on Twitter and Facebook. We have so much time left and so small of a goal to go. Thank you everyone for your support we can do it!

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