Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 13

Publishing, Interview and more


We have been in talks with a publisher who wants to help with the overall polish of the game. They are not funding us or anything, but I think as backers you all would like to know this information. We have always talked about publishing before. It is something that we were never really looking for because of legal reasons and to protect our IP. These guys are working with us to come up with some solutions and I’m hoping they could use their network to get the rest of the funding that we would need, if we do decide to partner with them.

We do not want to mention the publisher until we are completely sure we are doing business with them.


We have had a really fun interview at RPGWatch. We talk about using our current engine, how we formed our company and the plans we have for the game. We even go over some of the systems in the game a bit deeper than we expressed at other places. Give it a look, I think it is a pretty good read.
2 Weeks Left!!!

We are almost at the official half way mark of our campaign. We need as much help as possible. It feels really good to get where we are right now, but we really have to make some moves. We are on twitter, facebook and reddit trying to spread the word, but we need your help too.

Please share our project. It only helps get our project into more eyes and that gets us more funding!

– Whitney & Tyrell White

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