Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 19

Just a little over a week and we are nearing the 70% mark. I have been tweeting all morning and trying to get more press as the last few days go by. We are anticipating some really good exposure towards the end of the campaign to launch us into our final goal. We basically have $1,400 to go and we are really close to this.

Running 4 campaigns has not been a healthy thing for us mentally and physically. I believe it has prepared us for the long haul and has made our game a lot better, and with this campaign in particular it has given us a lot more fans and interaction. It is really fun talking to people who actively support you. We are hoping someday we can return the favor. It is really tough failing. You ask yourself is it worth it, will people enjoy what you are doing and when you get all the positive reception around the web, it just gives you more confidence to move forward.

This time we are at 70%!!! We’ve never been that close I am not set on heartbreak at this point this time. There are nothing but positives at this point and I am hoping you all will help us share our project and get some more pledges in this last leg of the campaign.

We are ready to really bring the game out in its true light and show you all the true potential of our project. We just need the funding because we already have the support from the most fantastic people in the world, the backers of this Kickstarter campaign. Some of you have been with us since 2012 and I am very grateful that you have been with us this entire time. I can not say enough about the support you all have given us. Thank you all very much!

-Tyrell and Whitney White

Thanks we are almost home!!!

Streaming at 8:30pm EST

I’m going to try and Stream again tonight. This time I am going to be doing a bit of spriting. I will be redesigning the white wolf and with you guys help, we can all determine his outcome. He uses an older slightly modified version of the regular wolves, so I will be separating him from that as well as making some new more defining modifications. You guys can look at Whitney and myself go through our creative process and see how we get our cool looking sprites the way they are. I hope to see you there.


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