May 28th update

As I was getting up today I noticed how off track we had strayed from giving you guys updates. I had been posting things on facebook and twitter for the last couple of days before I begin work on the game in the morning. A lot has happened over that time and we would like to share a lot of that with you.



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What has been going on with CTDR

Hey guys, this update is really late but we have been working really hard on the game and a lot of big things have been going on for and around the game.

One of the big things we have been doing is submitting our project to IndieCade and for the Indie Mega Booth at PAX Prime. We have been going over hundreds of pages of bug fixes and game play elements to get the game ready for those two events and we really hope our project gets selected for both.

That being said, it is ready for our backers to give it a swing. We are going to prepare a section in the forum really soon for you all to give your feedback and let us know how we are doing. This has not really been tackled yet as we have had all our energy and focused on the game.

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