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Name: Niraku
Age: 13 (23)
Height: 5’6
Weight: 140
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Black

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Niraku was a very positive kid. He was always willing to help any and everyone he met. Although his family and peers despised the jehts populace, he had an open mind and believed they were innocent of any crime that they were accused of until proven guilty. He felt that jehts were mistreated and always wanted to be the one to help bridge the gap between the races. He often spoke out against such oppression but felt his voice was never truly heard. He vowed that when he reached a more mature and educated age that he would help people see the ignorance of their ways. Sen admired Niraku’s ambitions. She never had any of her own and had always wanted Niraku to do all the great things he set out to do. Sen felt that she could protect Niraku perhaps that could be her place in life, her reason to exist.

As time went on, Sen seemed to lose more and more connection with other humans. She mentioned strange dreams about abductions and pain only to her brother. A dark brooding figure eerily watching over her, controlling her. These dreams would persist and nothing would stop them. Until one day she snaps, as Sen opens her eyes from her unwavering dream she sees her brother’s pale, damp, and lifeless body on the floor. All of his hopes and dreams in a pool of water that she can not fathom where it came from. Her life, her ambitions all there, wet and dead in front of her. Sen knows only one thing; to survive, to run, but for what reason, for what ambition. As she hears the word demon echo through the halls, she is run out of town and she turns her back on humans. She turns her back on life, and perhaps she would become what they want her to be. Or perhaps she would become something much more?

Sen would see Niraku again with goals and ambitions not of his own.


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Before Niraku was exhumed from his grave, he was just a normal teenage boy. With the nanites that rose him from his fate, he returned with the deadly ability to wither anything that he touched, and will someone or something to suffer greatly. The control over nanites can resurrect organisms from death or help to destroy them from the inside out. It can also provide a healing factor for Niraku himself, allowing him to become near immortal due to the nanites constantly repairing him.




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  • Nanite Control
  • Nanites’ Healing Factor



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  • First Appearance: Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Episode 1
  • Creator: Whitney White




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