Physical Attributes

Name: Sen
Age: 24
Height: 5’5
Weight: 128
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: (Human)Brown, (Jeht)Golden

Energy Output
Fighting Ability

With every last fiber of her body, Sen only knows survival. Her life is vague. Plagued by dreams of horror and frustration of what she believes them to be. Having betrayed the only family she has known by killing her brother, she seeks no truths and accepts the inevitability that she will always be hunted as a Demon.

Sen lives at the edge of a forgotten and abandoned forest where she has survived for years on her own. Using her apparent demonic ability to control moisture in the air she was able to survive. Becoming a hardened survivor and living off the land alone, in what has become penance for the crime she has commit.

Life in Origin Forest is no place for a human. Wolves overpopulate the area, and because of that food is scarce. Sen has survived eating any herbs and fungus that she finds with the occasional hunt or stranded animal that comes across her way. Her strongest asset is her instincts, as her formal education was cut short by the murder of her brother. Sen has become brutal and strong in this harsh environment fighting for her life every day.

Sen has the ability to create and manipulate water. She has the ability to pull moisture from almost anything. She can drain the moisture from plants and animals and absorb it within herself revitalizing and healing herself instantly. She can also pull it from out of the ground at a cataclysmic rate causing tidal waves to appear directly from it. The closer Sen is to water the stronger and more devastating her abilities become. She can also control the pressure and density of the water she conjures using the momentum to throw it at her enemies.

Sen can also create and manipulate electricity. Sen is able to create electrical vibrations within herself in order to move faster and electrically charge herself. She can destroy the molecular structure of an object through the use of her electric and water manipulation.


  • Water and electric conjuring and temperature manipulation
  • Resistance to water and electricity
  • Enhanced durability


  • First Appearance: Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Episode 1
  • Creator: Whitney White

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