Grid, music, and kind of a spoiler to the ending

We’ve had some real progress over the week. It is seeming like everything is working on all cylinders as we work towards our ultimate goal. Everything is really coming along from the battle system and music to the art being produced by Tyrell and Ricky. We look forward to an even better reception once this update comes out and we really hope everyone will enjoy it.

Some of you who visit our social media pages will find this new track by Mark very familiar. This song is really intense and it plays at a very important part of the game.

Ending Cinematic (SPOILER)

So this is kind of a spoiler for those who had not yet played the game to its ending. Before we launched our original version, we had this idea for the ending of the game but we did not like the version we made in sprite art… It just didn’t seem to have the impact we were hoping for. We then decided to have a much more cinematic approach to it with a motion comic cut scene and you can see how that is coming along in this rough sketch.

New Battle Mechanics

So the final system is coming along. In it, we have planned to have a more strategic way of managing your party and abilities. When we were talking about it before, we called it “positioning,” now we have narrowed it down more into a controlled grid. The grid itself is just for debugging. It will not appear in game. Characters with more or less range will have to position themselves to take advantage of the field which should also include interactive objects. Things are coming along and with this being a major gameplay mechanic it brings us much closer to our release goals. This grid is a bit bigger than the actual game will be, but you can get an idea on how it will be used.

This also opens up new ways to handle enemies. Some of the newer and older enemies will should function very uniquely. We created another bat enemy that should function very differently than the one in the Cavernas De Muerte.

While the cave bat may have full range over the entire battle space, this particular bat will work more with buffs, getting a bit closer to attack.

Coming up with interesting ways for these creatures to attack is fun and we have a bit of help from our writer, Shaun, on how we would go about making each enemy unique.

Thanks for checking out our update. We have a lot of work to do, but we love doing it! Next week we hope to show off a little more content and continue to keep you all engaged and excited about what we have next.

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