Getting back on track

This month has been very productive. We have reached a lot of our goals. We have also been doing a lot of research on what it’s going to take to make sure we do things better going forward. We have fallen way behind in communicating with everyone who has invested their time and money with our product, but we assure you that the time we are spending to make this a better experience is going to be well worth it. Especially if you like the current version available on Steam.

Sprite Animations

I have been doing quite a bit of spriting and coming up with a few needed upgrades to animations. These were either minor updates that needed to be taken care of or missing animations that I felt were essential.

Good news! The combo system is very complete there still needs to be some testing and there’s possibly a few bugs that we have to work out, but it is really close to what we need it to be. I say really close because the function that we have went with works a lot better for an RPG. We wanted to take the idea of a turn based battle system and combine it with some new elements and create something unique. You will see and find a few elements from fighting games in our system, but it’s not too distracting from the premise that it would be off putting. It is however pretty engaging and fun.


Boar Counter
Boar Counter

We also have a new counter system in which your combos can be interrupted. We can make each enemy have a different counterattack that they will perform and their own timer for the chance for you to counter his counter. It is a lot more fun than just pressing buttons and watching a combo play out. It has proven to be a rewarding experience. It’s there to keep you on your feet, engaged and ready for action.

We are going to try and get a presentation for the combo system done within the next 2 weeks. We are just having a little trouble with the battle layers. I want it to look very polished before showing it and the animated battle layers working properly will really help.

Updated Ending

The final few panels for the episode 1 ending motion comic is complete. We just don’t want to spoil anything. Well… Some of you may know what happens in the end, but we thought it was a little anti-climatic so it’s going to be written a little bit better with much better visuals.

Character Portraits

With that being said there were also some important characters with missing portraits. Those are near complete and we are going to get the backer character portraits soon after that.

Az portrait
Az portrait

Episode 2 and 3 and Release Schedule

We’ve had huge delays on these episodes. This comes largely in part to the changing of the engine and outsourced code work. We however have to also take into account the amount of time that we are going to use in order to promote the game effectively. That being said I can not see the completion of the next two installments until next year. There is a significant amount of work done for the next episodes. This includes tiles, music, and of course the basic code that we are working on for this update.

I am sure this is really disappointing for our season pass holders, but this is all worth it for a much better product. Once we get the ground work back up, we will have a much better idea on when these next episodes will be complete.

For the next update to ep. 1, we will be shooting for early next year. This is for the time we need to promote and create marketing materials for our project as well as trying to bypass the holiday season. Many AAA titles will be promoting and releasing during that time. To be honest, I have tried to get my publisher to suspend the title on Steam until we update the game. We are very proud of our work, but technically it is not up to the standards we want to represent.

More Content

Here’s something that we talked about, but did not go into much detail in a previous update regarding the wait time between episodes. We do intend to provide content to supplement the wait time and keep everyone interested and engaged. Right now, we are working on a story for one of our important NPC’s named Mioni. We talked about her quite a lot during our kickstarter campaigns and we would like to properly introduce this character and her importance to the story.

Thanks for your time and patience, we hope to update you again soon.

-Tyrell and Whitney White

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