Long Overdue Update

Hey everyone,

Its been a while since we did an update and although we have been a bit quiet, you can be sure that we have been getting some work done. Our website is down right now and it is going to go through a bit of a make over. We have other side projects that we are going to start working on and we want everything to be accessible in one place. We had a little trouble paying for our website, but it should be back up in another week or so. Now let’s get back to the game.

Backer Characters

We are working on backer submitted boss characters and where they will be located within the game. One of those characters is Bumato and with the information Jay gave us, we were able to produce this design.


More Animations

While coming up with the improved battle system, we decided that there needed to be more and improved animations so that everything will flow well. Movement going horizontal and vertically had to be uniform and efficient so we decided to use dashing and jumps to simulate a character going from one area on the grid to another.

Vertical movement
Vertical movement

We used jumps to simulate taking a strategic position going vertically. We felt like this smooth transition would help with both the aesthetics and game flow.




We also felt like the dash and dodge animations worked best for non running characters to get to where they needed to go much quicker. That helps with getting into position as fast as possible so that the flow of battle would feel quick and satisfying. We felt that the way some things worked in the previous version was too slow and not as responsive as we wanted it to be.

A lot of the work done was non visual, back end stuff. We have a few more things to show, but at this stage in development we need it to be much more presentable. Stay tuned as we continue to show more progress and talk about an ETA on release as the month goes on.

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