Soundtrack and battle mechanics

So as things progress we wanted to let you know how some of these rewards are working out. One of the rewards that is closer to getting completed is the soundtrack although there are many of the songs already completed we have about 40 more tracks for the entire chapter one. We would like to put this out sooner than later but we feel that it needs to be complete in order for you to enjoy the entire soundtrack as a whole.

We played around with the idea of releasing it with the current tracks and than upgrading it over time but one solid release seems like the most viable idea. We do have the cover art completed for the soundtrack and the more we get done on it the more we really want to release it to you all. Let us know how you feel about releasing the soundtrack, especially to you backers as we would like your opinions.

These are the current complete tracks not counting the 40 or so other tracks for the entire chapter.

Track list
Track list

With the soundtrack cover we wanted something a little more colorful and fun. So we had Ricky do a design that reflected that. Ricky did a great job here. As always he really shows how versatile he can be.

Soundtrack cover
Soundtrack cover

Upgrading the battles system

Some things about our system did not reflect our entire vision, animations did not play out entirely like they were suppose too and some key features were missing. There were balancing issues and what was suppose to be the one of the biggest highlights of our game became the most polarizing part of it. Now there is some reason for the way things went the way they had, a guy we commissioned to do work on it stopped working on it and we had a hard time getting in touch with him prior to our initial release so a lot of key features, basic functions and overall performance of our system just was not were it needed to be. Not to say there were not some issues on our end. We wanted a challenging game and we went about it the right way. Now we have a better idea on what we need to do in order to make the game both fun and challenging and we are implementing those things as I am writing this update to you now.

One of the big things we are working on is pacing and the overall feel of the system. The combo system was not as “snappy” and fast paced as it needed to be. We wanted some form of agency as you were pressing the buttons and performing your combos.

Previously when you performed your combo the entire animation would play out and you would have to wait for the transitions back into the idle stance.


Although it looks smooth it can feel a little stiff and may prolong the battle far longer than it needs to be.

So we want something that feels natural to your button presses, as long as you have pressed your next combo attack before it hits your animations should transition into the next hit and it would look a little more like this.


Here, it is a lot more fast paced and upon each hit you should immediately go into the next animation. This paces the battles much better and makes it feel a little more dynamic.

Now if you miss or you do not make the button press on time you will still get the full frames with transition so that the enemies dodge animation will look more natural to the animation you are performing.

Working with the new resolution changes the way we are going to present the battles and we are coming up with more efficient ways of using them to conserve both space and the amount of memory the engine will use. So we are playing around with the idea to use the 200+ frame animations in video format. Converting the images into webm videos which compress down really well..

This is the battle background in webm format. Although this video cuts off, you can see that it loops very well in engine. We have much more to talk about regarding the battle system and we should have more news about that and more soon.

Thanks again for your time. We look forward to talking about more in the next update.

-Tyrell and Whitney White

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