Project Announcement, Erupt

The events of the game take place in the Celestial Tear and the city of Metrocity, which is ground zero for the events caused by arrogant Doc Stienert. Doc Stienert has adapted new technology to travel to new dimensions and realities through the use of nanites which are outlawed by corporate and government entities around the universe . In Erupt, however, this technology has been breached and chaos has been unleashed in Metrocity, home of the hero Kerell. The chaos has been too much for the young hero to take on alone and it is up to you and a mysterious benefactor from an unknown organization to help save the city and get Doc Stienert and the fabric of reality back under control.

With Kerell’s help, he is able to identify and coerce willing participants to help you get take back the city. These agents are from the many different dimensions in the Indierverse and may be equipped with powers and traits that will assist you in fighting back the chaos. In addition to the agents, there will be many heroes throughout the city that you can also recruit to help in situations that may need a little more fire power.

Thanks for reading! We look forward to showing progress and talking about the Indierverse as we develop this game further.

– White Guardian Studios


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