Demon’s Revenge: Zero

Hey everyone! Here is the latest update on Demon’s Revenge! We have continued to progress the game where we can. Our work with other projects has given us more funds, but a lot less time. Whitney has been working full time for another project and I have taken some commission jobs as well. We have however continued to make progress.

One of the things we felt we lacked in the first incarnation of the game was the representation of the Jehts. Although there was a time we introduced you to them, it seemed distant and small. So we are planning to introduce some prominent Jeht figures to make them seem a bit more “human” and have some sort of voice. We left their judgment purely up to the player before, which is still what we want, but with a bit more context.

King is one of those characters. He is a prominent leader for the Jehts. With this version of the game, there are a few changes to the story and structure. Some characters have become more important and we ended up giving them more faces, art and personality to help extend that to the player.


Our Plan

The big thing we want to do is to make the game the way we wanted from the start. Tightening up the gameplay, refining the story, and making sure it functions efficiently is priority. The lag issues, difficulty spikes and other issues are things we want to avoid. So we are making what we refer to as Demon’s Revenge: Zero. It’s a fresh take on our initial episode 1 game. Eventually we’ll be expanding into the next 2 installments we have scheduled for Steam. Now that is not the end of the game as we have continued to push for what we see as our complete product. The game itself has a clear beginning, middle, and end set up and it’s something we’ve been working towards and will continue even after “Zero” is complete and released.

Ship Graveyard- New location
Ship Graveyard- New location

We are looking to update you soon with more news. Until then, thanks for your time and support.

-Tyrell and Whitney White

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