The Union

This project has been brewing for quite some time now and we are going to be talking about this one in-depth very soon. Some of my favorite comic book creators have come together to help create this pan-African superhero adventure that highlights some of the coolest indie comic characters and worlds around. We want to combine the styles and spirit of Hip Hop from the many generations and regions these characters may originate from with a fun and dynamic retro platform adventure.

With this project, we are joined by Jiba Molei Anderson (Horsemen), Quinn McGowan(Project: Wildfire), Dorphise Jean(Spirits Destiny), William Satterwhite(Stealth), Terance Baker(Pink Hammer), our very own Celestial Tear Universe, and hopefully Regine Sawyer, Niya/Robert Garret(xmoore studios). Here we have a unique union of creators from all around the country with the purpose of creating this positive and inspiring experience.

Kaiju Queen vs Project Wildfire

Working with this group to create this game has been a joy. We want this experience to be fun and enjoyable for people of all ages so we looked at games like The Avengers, X-Men and X-Men 2 on the Sega Genesis as well as the Megaman X series. We want to make an exciting entry point for newcomers to these comics as well as a fun extension to those who are already familiar with these books.

There has also been a comic released that serves as a bit of a prequel to The Union. It’s a fantastic entry point into the story and can be purchased today in digital or print. I am so excited and honored to be a part of this project and to have my name on the cover. I am hoping we can expand on this beyond this project and continue to collaborate on the Union in the future.

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