The Union update, Project Wildfire


Something I wanted to do for a very long time is to express my love for indie comic book characters and Project Wildfire is one of those characters that have so much flavor and lore that I was particularly driven to creating his world and characters in our pixilated world called the Union.


Will Watson III was a college student who just wanted a way to pay for his books and tuition. He entered an experimental clinical trial that was headed by the organization called Monsterwatch, who were desperate to fend off atrocities that were on the horizon. The experiment altered Will’s body making him a superpowered defender and Shelby cities’ best chance against impossible odds. Will became Project Wildfire!

Project Wildfire has super strength, flight, durability and the ability to fire plasmablasts from his hands.

In the Union, Wildfire is one of the heavy-hitters primarily relying on his powerful plasma attacks and flight abilities. Will is a young hero who has a lot to learn but carries himself with plenty of confidence and integrity. Although Will has and will make mistakes in his growth as a hero he is ready for any obstacle that may get in his way.

When creating Shelby city we looked at many pages from Wildfires comic books as well as the many webcomics that are available. We were able to dive into the lore and history of the character and create some interesting enemies, locations and easter eggs.


As Shelby Cities protector Will Watson finds himself at odds from mindless Kaiju who threaten to destroy the city more often than not. None more threatening than the powerful Kaiju Queen who takes the abilities of Kaiju she feeds on. Standing 60 feet tall and weighing 40,000 pounds the Kaiju Queen is one of the Wildfire’s most powerful enemies and will be a formidable obstacle for the Union.

Although Shelby city is plagued by monsters and conspiracy it is no stranger to street violence and crime. Will’s still finds himself dealing with the Bone family and their hold on Shelby city citizens.



We look forward to expanding on Project Wildfire, his world, enemies, and allies as we explore more of the Union. Visit the operative network to learn more about Project Wildfire.

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