Recap 6-7-2020 to 6-27-2020

Hello everyone! We are back with another massive update! I missed a week or two, but that doesn’t mean we have not been busy. So let’s get into it and see what we have been up to!

We have been spending the majority of our time preparing and building Lost World. Currently, we are setting up the first complete character which is Uzu.

Uzu is our gravity wielding monk, and he has the ability to charge his powers so that his techniques are more powerful. He primarily functions as a tank with close-range combat. We will talk more about Uzu and his gameplay as time goes by.

Along with that, we have been working on the first enemy, which we call the Tromo King. This monstrosity is one of the enemies that the player will hunt in the game. While not the most aggressive monster on The Lost World, the Tromo King may serve as one of the primary sources of sustenance early in the game. The tongue and the eyeballs, in particular, may serve as an interesting weapon in the game.

The Celestial Tear Webcomic is still underway and we want to make sure that we have all the pages together before we start to release what we have so far. We think it would be easier to schedule and that gives us a bit more time to work on our main projects as well.

CT: Demon’s Revenge/Infobook

The next round of infobook entries is complete as well as a couple of new added features. We added a lot of Jagen’s intro elements and the ability to save and create a playlist. This is exclusively available to our Patreon Internal Guardians and 2014 Kickstarter Supporters. You will be able to find information about characters, enemies, and locations, as well as listen to some of the original music from Demon’s Revenge within that book. Tune in as we continue to fill the pages with data from the Celestial Tear Universe!

The Union

We wanted to give a small update on the status of The Union. This game has now become a platform fighter. We do not want to lose momentum on this project. We want to give people a chance to play around with what we were building before Lost World became a priority. We will continue to have updates about this game and how it is evolving as time goes on.

Streaming and Youtube

We have been keeping up with our streaming schedule on Twitch, where we play games, draw pixel art, and develop our games. Our schedule can be found on our twitch page. We primarily stream on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at or around 11 PM EST. Our goal is to connect with our fans. We truly want to understand what our supporters think and how we can best provide our unique multimedia experiences.

Thanks for all your interest and support. We look forward to another solid recap of what we are working on over here at White Guardian Studios, where video games and comics collide!

-Yin and Rell

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