WEEKLY RECAP 7-12-2020 TO 7-18 -2020

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting recap! Our projects are moving along and we are excited to fill you in on what we have been up to!

We made some significant progress with the Lost World! We’ve been working on the UI and finalizing the underground tileset and are looking to have something playable quite soon.

One thing we’ve been working on is the presentation. We wanted to make sure the playable characters and enemies move in 8 directions to offer smooth and dynamic gameplay. There are no instanced battles and everything happens on the map.

This allows for some unique and dynamic gameplay as we can use skills and objects to create obstacles for the player and the opposition.

Celestial Tear: Web Comic

We are looking to make the web comic into an anthology of sorts where we tell all kinds of stories and build up more lore within the Celestial Tear. We think this is the best way to spread the word about our universe and to offer varied and engaging story content without the restrictions of linear continuity.

CT: Demon’s Revenge/Infobook

When designing Demon’s Revenge the first time around, we did not have shops or places to craft. You had a bunch of items and currency and nothing to actually use it on. This was intentional, but we understand why gamers would be put off by such a notion. So we decided to add a traveling merchant, Grabby. You will see this guy around, and he will most certainly want to trade with you!

The Union

We have finally decided how we are going to be distributing the Union. It will be a side scrolling beat ’em up and we are going to be releasing it as an early access title. We will have all the characters just as originally planned, but we are going to be releasing them in phases. These will be the first 4 playable characters that we have in the game! We are excited that we will finally be able to get this game into gamers’ hands.

Iron Grid (Community Project)

This community project has gathered a lot of steam as of late! We recently did a poll to figure out the name and type of the game. Iron Grid won for the name and tactical game won for the type!
For those of you who remember, Iron Grid was originally supposed to be a mini-game in Demon’s Revenge. We are now opening our development process to the community on Patreon. Anyone can join! Currently, we are doing poll commissions for those who would like to get a character voted in. Later on, we will be offering a direct way of joining and getting your OC in the game!

Twitch and Youtube

As most of you know, we still game whenever we can and we share that experience on twitch in our downtime. As you can see we are really busy and it’s nice to take it down and actually get into play mode rather than development mode sometimes. Come check us out when we stream on Twitch every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 11:30 pm EST.

Thanks for all your interest and support! We look forward to another solid recap of what we are working on over here at White Guardian Studios, where video games and comics collide!

– Yin and Rell

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