Recap 7/18/2020 to 8/1/2020

Hey everyone, and welcome back! Since our last update, we have been working hard on our pitch deck for Celestial Tear: Lost World. We have learned a lot over that time and subsequently, it has taken quite a bit of our time. We still have got some work done and we are eager to share. What we have been able to do is generate some resources for Iron Grid (community project), which we are going to go over now.

Iron Grid was originally supposed to be a card mini-game for our first published game, Demon’s Revenge. To keep with that idea, we are making trading cards for the community project! They will have a brief description, type, and stats. We believe this will be a fun addition to the game and a neat way to get a short summary on the character!

So far, these are the sprites that we have for the game. Expect to see plenty of Celestial Tear characters and locations. Since this is a community project we are offering a few ways for anyone to add their characters or ideas to the game. Stay tuned and follow us on Patreon to find out how!

This is something that we wanted to do since our first Kickstarter way back in 2012, but after trying to have everything digital, we wanted it to be a mini-game in the original Demon’s Revenge. Despite Demon’s Revenge being released, Iron Grid never got into the game. Anyway, one way or another, we are making it happen! Now through our community project, this is about to be a reality! Of course, we had to get Sen done first 😛 We can’t wait to start getting the voted and direct characters in too!

This may or may not be the final mockup, but we are definitely enjoying the process. We have a test run being printed and we look forward to showing everyone what they look like in the physical form.

Thanks again for all your support! We are looking forward to sharing the process with you

– Yin & Rell

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