The Celestial Tear Experience

We would like to first say thank you to you and all the new people for subscribing to our newsletter! Welcome you to the Celestial Tear Experience. We have some exciting news about content coming this month straight to your email for free!

As most of you may know, our goal is to merge comics and games into an interconnected universe called the Celestial Tear.


This month we are looking to roll out some single-page comics that feature stories from the Celestial Tear.

Infobook Entries

In the Celestial Tear Experience, there will be entries to highlight the characters, locations, and monsters that populate the Celestial Tear.

CT Lost World

We have been working on CT Lost World for a while now and we are close to releasing a demo. Keep a lookout for more news on that, we are looking for as much feedback as possible.

Pixel Art and Gaming

When we are not making games, or writing stories or comics, we take some time to create art and play games live on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook. Currently, we are streaming pixel dailies on weekdays as well as Perfect Dark Zero.

There is so much going on with White Guardian Studios and the Celestial Tear and we are glad that you have come along with us for the ride. If you have not already, subscribe to our newsletter for when we launch the Celestial Tear Experience as well as the demo for CT Lost World or support us directly on Patreon!

Farewell for now!

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