About Us

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White Guardian Studios

White Guardian Studios is currently made up of just two developers. The other members of the team are contract workers. We strive to uphold quality, playability and fun in our games.

Whitney White – Whitney is the writer, developer, coder, and the occasional pixel artist. Whitney has always had a love for games ever since she first picked up a controller and controlled the orange ball of !&*? that is Q-Bert. Whitney has been writing since the days of the dreaded noisy TYPEWRITER and has always wanted to write for games. Now she is finally getting her chance to tell a story to the masses. Whitney has 3 exuberant kids, ages 6, 3, and 1, and manages to balance work, kids, and love every single day. Whitney’s favorite games are Tomb Raider (ALL OF THEM (except the black sheep Angel of Darkness… That doesn’t count :P) ), Suikoden 2, Final Fantasy 8, and Pharaoh.

Tyrell White – Tyrell is the concept artist, pixel artist, co-writer, and co-developer. Drawing has always been a passion for Tyrell and comics were the cause. Tyrell is persistent and passionate about everything his name goes on. That includes his family, his work, hobbies, etc. Tyrell was always a fan of the Wild Arms series as well as the Legacy Of Kain series and has brought some of those influences into CT: DR. He also fills Whitney’s plot holes and comes up with great ideas to make the game better.



Gaming With Reason

At White Guardian Studios, we put an emphasis on our games’ stories to make people perceive things in a way that they might not have before playing. We want to make people care about the characters and worlds that we create, no matter what genre of game it is.



When designing our games, we keep the gameplay in mind. We always wonder what can separate us from the pack all while helping us make something worth playing.


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Our inspiration comes from games and movies that we’ve played in our childhood, as well as things that we have experienced in life. We have also been inspired by people that we have met during our development journey.