About Max Max’s Abilities Seemingly out of nowhere, a man arrived in what is known as a cold and harsh place called D’halis. With only a few men by his side he found a way to keep demons away, and if need be extinguish them with little effort. He taught […]


About Sinara Sinara’s Abilities Little is known about the hasphalian Sinara. Her hate for jehts is almost as strong as her disdain for her own kind. Sinara shows little allegiance with anyone and seems to live for the purpose of killing for the ridders rather than the ridders purpose. She […]


About Niraku Niraku’s Abilities Niraku was a very positive kid. He was always willing to help any and everyone he met. Although his family and peers despised the jehts populace, he had an open mind and believed they were innocent of any crime that they were accused of until proven […]


About Jagen Jagen’s Abilities Born with nobility Jagen has been bred with the finest teachings and training. Jagen’s family and culture pressured him to hate what he does not understand: jehts. Jagen could not protect his wife against them. He found his wife brutally murdered by jehts. Stricken with grief, […]


About Sen Sen’s Abilities With every last fiber of her body, Sen only knows survival. Her life is vague. Plagued by dreams of horror and frustration of what she believes them to be. Having betrayed the only family she has known by killing her brother, she seeks no truths and […]

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge DRM Free! Available Now

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Gameplay Trailer Chapter 1 – Episodes will be available upon release! CTDR DRM version now available We have been working on the non-steam version of Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge and we are launching it on our home page, WhiteGuardianStudios.com. Since launch we have received a lot […]