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Full Version: What Do You Think Is The Best Game Console Of All Time?
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This one is easy for me. I have to say it was the original Playstation.
The flood of awesome RPGs seals the deal for this and of course... Tomb Raider. If you didn't know, I freaking love Tomb Raider!
So I had to sit here and tabulate this for a few minutes. Honestly, it's kind of cheating, but I have to say the greatest system was the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X. Since you had to have the Genesis in order to play either the Sega CD or 32X, "technically" they're one system. Sega Genesis had so many amazing RPGs, and the Sega CD is where Lunar got its start. 32X didn't really have much, but the reason it is there is to provide this system the very slight lead to me over the others with so many great games, and that lead is in the form of the one fighting game on it that I did enjoy, Cosmic Carnage.
I have to say the original playstation. Even though some of my personal favorites were not on it the sheer variety of games on that home console were staggering. You had some many original titles coming out from that system that it seemed like it was something for everyone. My 1st experience was from the playstation 1 era. Although N64 the time had a few good titles they were mostly from its already established IPs.
I really liked Sega CD for Dragon's Lair! Sega systems were actually very cool. My favorite is probably sega saturn, mainly for Dragon Force, Nights into Dreams, and Clockwork Knight.
I bought my Sega Saturn for one reason and one reason alone, Shining Force III. I actually paid more for Shining Force III than I did for the Sega Saturn. Dreamcast had a lot of awesome games, too, like Grandia II and Skies of Arcadia.
I personally didn't like Grandia 2 lol. I didn't think it was as good as the first one when I played it... I rented it and never finished it so maybe I just didn't get far enough. Now on Dreamcast, I could not put down Powerstone lol. I was so psyched when they made it available for PSP! Skies of Arcadia is one I always wanted, but never got Sad
I would tend to say original playstation but i have always had a love for the SNES so , i would have to say the SNES is the best hands down the controller was the best of the old systems as well
I'm not sure, but I think SNES would be my close second. I wasn't that old when I was playing SNES, but I do remember the fun platformers and I think Mario Kart was on it too, Q-Bert, and some Looney Toons games (yeah, don't judge me Tongue). I have to admit that I never played any RPGs on it though. My first RPG was FF8/FF7. I have to say both because I played a demo of FF8 before I played a full version of FF7. I'm not sure a demo counts. Boy do I miss those demo discs Big Grin Back then I was more of a PC girl.
That's a hard question. The original Playstation is up there for sure. I'm biased towards the original Gameboy though because I have such fond memories of it.
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