A stolen childhood and unwanted powers. Sen manages to continue surviving.


A man with nothing to lose joins the fight against jehts... But is it worth it?


Founder of the Demon Ridders, he rules with an iron fist.


Often criticized as evil, could there be a method to her madness?
Enhancing herself with the blood of jehts, Sinara is one of the most powerful generals in the ridder army.


Revived by a strange source, Niraku lives in a shroud of darkness.


Long Overdue Update

Hey everyone, Its been a while since we did an update and although we have been a bit quiet, you can be sure that we have been getting some work…

Getting back on track

This month has been very productive. We have reached a lot of our goals. We have also been doing a lot of research on what it’s going to take to…

Why so much work on the update and more battle stuff

Hey everyone, We are going for a really strong push to get a beta out to you guys so that you can see what is so special about this coming…

Grid, music, and kind of a spoiler to the ending

We’ve had some real progress over the week. It is seeming like everything is working on all cylinders as we work towards our ultimate goal. Everything is really coming along…

T-Shirt design and writing direction

Hey everyone, I wanted to talk to you all about some of the changes and direction that we are looking to explore as we are writing a more dynamic set…

Soundtrack and battle mechanics

So as things progress we wanted to let you know how some of these rewards are working out. One of the rewards that is closer to getting completed is the…

Progress continues

Hey everyone we wanted to give you an update on what is going on. Right now we are still in the process of converting the game and we should be…

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge DRM Free! Available Now

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Gameplay Trailer Chapter 1 – Episodes will be available upon release! CTDR DRM version now available We have been working on the non-steam version of Celestial…