White Guardian Studios Projects

Here we have a compilation of all of the projects that we are working on!

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge
Celestial Tear: Lunaris
Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge

A Clash Of Two Races, Heroes Struggling To Bring Unity And A Mystery That Could Annihilate The World.

Miranda's Menu Image
Miranda's Gun Stance

To make this game stand out from other RPGs, we wanted to add an element that we'd never really seen done before. That is swimming underwater. This adds a whole new realm of areas to explore.

The Ridders

The ridders are a militant group who specialize in getting rid of demons.

Miranda's Melee Stance

Jagen is one of the main characters of CT: DR. Tragedy has struck in his life and he is determined to not let it happen to anyone else.


This shows a glimpse of how the crafting system in CT: DR works.

Miranda's Safe Stance
Tech Demo

This very small village is a part of the tech demo video that we put out a while ago for CT: DR. This screenshot showcases some of the dynamic lighting for when it gets late at night.

Hornet King

The Hornet King is the first epic creature that we've made for CT: DR. There are many more to come!

Status Screen

The status screen is meant to be visually informative with icons that represent their stats, and a short bio of the character you are looking at.


So Jagen finds a spaceship in the middle of the forest...

Battle System

Right now, we have a barebones version of the battle system working. While it is lacking many vital features, it is functional and playable.

Celestial Tear: Lunaris
Celestial Tear: Lunaris
Celestial Tear: 

Lunaris is a game that takes place in the Celestial Tear Universe, set as a classic western.

Miranda's Menu Image

Miranda is one of the 3 playable characters that you can choose from. She is the sharpshooter of the bunch.

Miranda's Gun Stance
Miranda's Gun Stance

Miranda's weapon of choice is her rifle. Range and power.

Concept Art For Miranda

The first character that we have visually fleshed out.

Miranda's Melee Stance
Miranda Battle Stance

The game will be top down and battles will take place on the map similar to games such as Zelda. Everyone will have a melee weapon and Miranda's is a knife, as shown here.

Early Menu Concept

Here is some early menu concept for Lunaris. Not everything is final here.

Miranda's Safe Stance
Miranda's Idle/In Town Look

When not in battle, characters will have idle stances for places like towns where drawing a weapon can be considered a threat. She has her hands in her pocket and just overall look like a badass.