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Hey guys, this update was supposed to be posted last night, but we had a power outage in our area and while we were informed that it came back on…

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More News & Progress

So we have been off to a great start. I have been trying my best to fit in whatever time I could get between my job to get some spriting…

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Wallpapers & More!

The Amira portrait is complete and you can read a little bit more about what she can do and her backstory. I mentioned a bit more about her in older…

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Everything Is Coming Together!!

Amira's pencils So we have had an exciting and progressive week. We have contacted everyone we have doing commission work for us and soon the wallpapers will be available. Right…

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Ratings System + Bonus

I noticed that we get a lot of traffic, but nobody really takes the time to write a comment. So in an attempt to encourage more interaction, I’ve added a poll to most posts a simple voting mechanism. We would love to know what everyone thinks about the game, the art, the music, everything!


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