Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 13

Publishing, Interview and more Publishing We have been in talks with a publisher who wants to help with the overall polish of the game. They are not funding us or…

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Our 4th Kickstarter Pt.11

Updated Demo, Reddit and more news. Constant testing So as the campaign goes on, we are also trying to get some more development done. Whitney has been hammering out some…

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We Launched Our Kickstarter

Yay, we finally launched our kickstarter! Ok, I know I’m a little late, but yesterday I was too excited to write anything and instead posted short blurbs about it everywhere, but today I’m still all over the place, but a little bit better. I posted about it in the newsletter and in the newsletter I also mentioned that we’ll be updating the demo soon to address some bugs and suggestions. (more…)

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