The Union is a 2D superhero beat ’em up that celebrates hip-hop culture and influences. Worlds from separate universes are faced with the threat of extinction as the looming threat of oblivion starts to devour the elements of time and space. Heroes from different parts of space and time must band together and form a Union of heroes to combat this threat.


  • Beautiful Old School Pixelated Worlds

    Take in the beautiful pixelated worlds in The Union as you explore the many dynamic locations in the indieverse. The Union has a unique art style that combines the aesthetics of anime and the swagger of hip-hop culture.

  • Simple, Yet Challenging

    Enjoyable and simple gameplay that's easy to learn and satisfying to execute. Play with a unique, powerful, and diverse cast of super powered heroes as you master their unique play styles and abilities.

  • Save Reality

    Every reality has its own dangers and unique enemies. Discover and exploit their weaknesses as you liberate each world from its malevolent creatures.

  • Fun Hip-Hop Soundtrack

    Fun and bass filled hip-hop soundtrack adds a unique feel and style to your superhero adventure.

  • Massive Boss Battles!

    Battle huge titans powered by Oblivion and driven by chaos.

  • Couch Co-Op

    Grab a friend and save the universe together in a full superhero team up!

  • Dive Into The Story

    The narrative is driven with entertaining motion comics and voice acting.

  • Boss Gauntlet Arena Mode

    Battle your way through the gauntlet or challenge a friend in a skirmish as you unlock playable characters and bosses for the arena mode.


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